Bird’s fun time at ‘Sun Conure Aviary’-18th Jan 2017

Bird’s fun time at ‘Sun Conure Aviary’-18th Jan 2017

Conures are very curious birds and Sun conures are one of the most curious, noisy and aggressive among them. These birds live in flock of 30-40 in wild, spend time feeding, playing and interacting with each other. Sri Swamiji considered each of these aspects of how bird lives in wild to construct Sun Conure Aviary. Birds are more happy and healthy if they are in pairs and flock, as they do in wild. They are more secure so that one bird in the flock can caution others with alarming screeches, it was also proved that birds in pairs have considerably good longevity too. Shukavana hosts an exclusive “Sun Conure Aviary” to host around 200 Sun conures. These birds swing, play hanging upside down the chain, chew the leaves and twigs of stems, preen each other and feed their compatible pair. Sri Swamiji spends quality time with these birds, feeding them with almonds, seeds, treat and hand feeding formula. Adult bird raise their young ones and the young chicks after fledgling are introduced to the group by their parents as it is similar to life in wild. Visitors too can spend time feeding these birds. Sri Swamiji’s efforts to protect these endangered species and interacting with them is commendable. These efforts resulted in human friendly Sun parakeets, in contrast to species aggression and they also enjoy playing on people’s shoulders.