Colourful Parrot Aviary-Info-21st July 2017

Colourful Parrot Aviary-Info-21st July 2017

“Colourful Parrot Aviary” hosts Lory and Lorikeets, and Conures that would love to stay in group. Lory and Lorikeets are medium-sized adorable parrots feeding on nectar of various blossoms and soft fruits, preferably berries. Species with longer tapering tails are generally referred to as “lorikeets”, while species with short blunt tails are generally referred to as “lories”. They are widely distributed throughout the Australasian region, including south-eastern Asia, Polynesia, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste and Australia, and the majority have very brightly coloured plumage. Conures are a diverse group of small to medium-sized parrots with long-tailed group of the New World parrot subfamily “Arinae”. All living conure species live in Central and South America.
These birds were Shukavana’s first few members, considering that Lories and Conures live in a flock of 30-40 birds in wild, they were grouped together so that they enjoy each other’s company in captivity. As birds were increasing, the size of the group too had increased from 25 to 142 birds today. These birds get different variety of seasonal fruits thrice daily, lory food with nectar, vegetables and sprouts during afternoon hours and seeds during evening hours. Fresh fruits are available for Lory and Lorikeets thrice daily, and for the Conures they relish fruits during morning hours, vegetable and sprout during afternoon hours and seeds during evening hours. Sweet corn and sugar cane pieces are provided as treats. Food is served and each bird can pick up its favorite food. Sliced citrus fruits too are served for natural vitamin-c supplement and birds relish picking up the pearls.
Colourful Parrots aviary provides good flight space, exposure to direct sun light, good ventilation. There are plenty of non-movable perches, swinging perches, open wooden boxes, closed nest boxes and place for shower. These birds have exposure to direct sun light that facilitates all birds to have vitamin D3, swinging perches and hanging chains provide an area for playing with each other hanging upside down, open wooden boxes give a flat surface area for the birds to rest their feet flat without a tight gripping as they do on perches. Closed wooden box would provide nesting facility and also to keep the bird warm and cozy during winters. Showers are switched on during hot sunny days so that birds can select the mode of cooling their body by taking a shower or dip themselves in shallow water tubs and play with other birds.
People visiting Shukavana can spend time with these birds in their aviary. Birds can be feed with food provided at Shukavana to these birds; it would be a wonderful experience where in these colourful parrots fly to reach people and can one can feed them having these birds on their hand. Few birds even convey their affection to visitors by licking their face; play with them hanging upside down to their hand. Birds have a much secured environment that these birds feel humans are not their predators but in fact are friendly to them. All precautionary measures are taken to make sure that visitors enjoy with birds and birds too have a safe and healthy way of being handled by visitors.