Feathered friend’s healthy routine at Shuka Vana-23rd Aug 2017

Feathered friend’s healthy routine at Shuka Vana-23rd Aug 2017

Routine for birds at Shuka Vana is designed according to their life in wild. Birds go by Sunrise and Sun set cycle, they fast overnight and eat only during day time and fly during morning hours away from their nest in search of food. Birds follow similar cycle during morning hours they are taken out of their enclosures and let in groups to spend time to fly, play and interact among themselves, later at around 8:30 am they are served with species specific diet and majority of them receive fruits if prescribed for the species. Fruits as first feed is good enough with release of sugars after birds fasting and having flight and play time for couple of hours. Thus release of sugars is good for the bird that can be digested and assimilated. During afternoon hours birds are served with veggies and sprouts to provide less carbohydrates and more protein diet. Evening they receive seeds and nuts at around 2:30-3:00 pm. Thus seeds contribute to only 30% of their diet and prevents tendency for overweight; seeds and nuts are rich in fats and this takes longer duration for the bird to digest and sustain without hunger for longer duration. Thus in a day bird receives a balanced nutritious diet with similar nutrient value as that in wild and balanced carbohydrates, proteins and fats required for metabolism.