Management of feather plucking problem of Moluccan cockatoo-2nd Sep 2017

Management of feather plucking problem of Moluccan cockatoo-2nd Sep 2017

Cockatoos are known for their feather plucking problem when depressed. Parrots being intelligent birds, emotional management of these birds is a major component to be considered. Bird to be healthy like in humans, they need to be physically and mentally healthy. Hence activities that keeps the bird happy and physically fit are required. Moluccans among cockatoo species is the first to be ranked to have feather plucking problem. Cockies develop behavioral problems when attention is not balanced on daily basis, daily activities that sustain their curiosity is essential. Moluccan cockatoo reached Shukavana with severe feather plucking problem along with plucking of flesh. Due to continuos pecking the wound was maintained fresh by the bird and the area of the wound was increasing. Sri Swamiji love and care for this uncared, abandoned bird recovered quickly from its depression. Along with medicaments and E.collar, bird was kept occupied with new toys and new tasks to complete. After sustained efforts of Sri Swamiji for three months, bird recovered completely. Now bird is allowed to interact with another Moluccan cockatoo. Occasional episodes of plucking is observed and probably requires time for the bird to completely overcome this behavioral problem. Efforts are made to pair it up, to avoid occurrence of episode of bird’s depression. Both birds are doing good now.




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