Natural environment for feathered friends at Shuka Vana-7th Dec 2017

Natural environment for feathered friends at Shuka Vana-7th Dec 2017

Feathered friends at Shuka Vana enjoy their morning hours amidst lush of greenery as they live in wild. As a part of their regular routine they stretch their wings flying and racing with their companions and friends. They hang upside down, chew the twigs, play and interact with other birds. Exercise is one of the important component for bird’s health along with balanced nutritious diet and clean surroundings. Birds in wild during morning hours leave their nest in search of food, similar activity is designed so that bird enjoy life as nature designed for them. Shuka Vana adopting bird’s activity in wild, every day morning birds are taken out of enclosures to stretch their wings and at around 8 am they receive their first food that includes fruits or sprouts depending on species. Species specific diet that has similar dietary values as that in wild is provided to them. Few birds pick up fruits from the organically raised trees and few others pick up from feeding stations. Though birds are human friendly they are provided surrounding to interact with other species and inter species according to the bird’s choice. Early morning flight also provides a good exposure to Sun light and natural source of vit-D3. In captivity bird, species like Amazons and Cocokatoos, tends to put on weight due to less activity. Shuka Vana considering life in wild, provides ample activity to combat the food intake to maintain feathered friend’s health and activity.