Rehabilitation of Bronze-winged Pionus

A devotee bought a Bronze-winged Pionus  with swollen a leg and gave it to Sri Swamiji to take care in the rehabilitation centre of Shuka Vana. Even before the vet could examine and give his opinion, Sri Swamiji mentioned that it will be good if we amputate the bird’s leg. Later, when the doctor examined the bird, he expressed his idea of amputating the leg as gangrene had set in because of the huge swelling caused by the tight ring to its leg or else the bird’s life would be at risk. The very next day, surgery was planned and its leg was amputated and is now being taken care of in the rehabilitation center of Sri Swamiji.




  1. When its care and well being are in the hands of this world’s best doctor, no gangrene could have hurt the little one..JGD!

  2. Bird is blessed to have been found and cared for. I am sure this bird will be an example to us all of how to persevere even in difficult circumstances. We can learn a lot from nature.

  3. jayanthishankar, Dwarka, New Delhi.

    Jaya Guru Datta, Only Lord Datta Our Sadgurudeva knows what , when and why.? We are a bunch on whom he has poured his grace and are very happy and delighted to read and see such happenings. Tvameva mama sharanam. Sri Guru Datta.

  4. JGD, this Bird have so much pain every minute, but now he have Sri Swamiji’s Blessing, and for sure he will recovery soon with right treatment, I wish all Beautiful Birds and Animals they have wonderful life in Nature, not in shelter, praying God, please Bless each and everyone, Hari Om Tattsat !!!

  5. Thank You AppJi! Sri Gur Datta!

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