Rehabilitation of Green Monk Parakeet – 1

When Sri Swamiji made a divine Sankalpa of taking care of physically challenged  birds which are not being taken care of, this bird reached Ashrama the very same day. This Green Monk Parakeet has severe loss of feathers which made him look ugly and was not entertained by the owners.

This bird is now receiving proper care and medical aid.



  1. Yet another example of Appaji’s compassion. It is surely not bound by beauty or ugliness, riches or poverty, fair or colored skin, caste or creed, not even by species. JGD!

  2. JGD, koti koti Pranams to Param Pujya Sri Swamiji’s Lotus Feet, So nice to know, about all this Birds, So much Love, and Loving care, always Blessing, and Blessing, thank you for everything.

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