Severe Macaw – the parrot that swallowed a pipe

This five month old baby parrot had accidentally swallowed a portion of a pipe from inside the syringe, while it was being fed by its owner. It was brought to the Rehabilitation Center by a devotee. The owner of the bird had been misled by a local vet who had assured him that the pipe would get digested inside the stomach of the parrot and would cause no harm.

Severe Macaw (5)

As soon as the bird arrived, Swamiji had the Ashram’s avian veterinarian extract the swallowed pipe through a surgical procedure. The bird was brought after a delay of an an hour and a half to two hours that had elapsed during travel. When the parrot was examined externally, it was found that only a small portion of the pipe remained in the crop and the rest of the pipe had entered its stomach. As a result, the piece of the pipe stuck inside the crop also had to be removed. The parrot was given general anesthesia and the swallowed portion of the pipe was removed in its entirety. As directed by the physician, following the surgery, the parrot was kept in a “brooder’ for maintaining its bodily warmth for its protection. This Bird has recovered and is living in the serene atmosphere of Shuka Vana.

Severe Macaw surgery selected

Severe Macaw (2) rehab


  1. Timely intervention, if I may say so, because, with Appaji’s blessings everything is on time, everytime. Nevertheless, this soul is super blessed. Appaji’s healing touch and tender care is all for him 🙂 JGD!!

  2. Having met him personaly last month with his visit to our rescue, there is no doubt in my mind the birds is in a great set of hands.

  3. Shanta Budhram-Prabhakar

    Jai Guru Datta,
    I was completely blown away how that bird suffered. Thank You appaji

  4. jai guru datta Appaji.
    We were unable to see through the parrots mind before we have got Kunda with us. But now we are feeling the Parrot’s(birds) life n feelings through Kunda(our parrot, a new member of our family). We feel more connected to nature and also need to learn more how to take care of it.
    Appaji teaches us to stay connect with nature ,to be a part of it and to take care of it practically.sgd

  5. Archana Penukonda

    Jaya Guru Datta! Swamiji is the universal savior. The baby bird is fortunate to be saved by HH Himself. The image of the bird held in Swamiji’s hands is very touching. It’s amazing that Swamiji is allowing everyone to be part of the birds’ project by becoming a Shuka Vana sponsor.

  6. I recall a few lines of Pujya Sri Swamiji’s Bajan :

    Bhavaroga Vaidya Neenu Nada Yogiye, Sanjeevanee Neenethane Sachchidananda,

    Nanna Usiru Ninadhe Swami Swami Maruthi,

    Nanna Haneya Baraha Ninadhe Chiranjeevi Chiranjeevi.

    Jaya Guru Datta. Om Namo Hanumathe Namaha.

  7. JGDH!!!! Vaidyo Narayano Hari!!! What more can that bird ask!!!! Kudos to the team at Shukavana who spare no efforts in caring for all kinds of birds!!! Thank You Appaji!!!

  8. Surya Narayana Vishnubhotla

    Jaya Guru Datta, HH Sri Swamiji is the healer, protector to all the universe. This bird is really very blessed to be in the hands of a healer, protector and its future shelter…Sri Guru Datta

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