Vulnerable Species-Military Macaws at Shuka Vana-Info-19th December 2017

Vulnerable Species-Military Macaws at Shuka Vana-Info-19th December 2017

Military Macaw, Ara militaris (Linné), is found in the forests of Mexico and South America. Both adults are of general green color with a slight olive tinge on back and wings; head is a slightly paler green than the body; inconspicuous bluish tinge on hindneck; forehead and feathered lines on bare lores are red; bare facial area is white tinged with flesh-pink and traversed by lines of small greenish-black feathers; throat is olive-brown; lower back, rump and upper tail-coverts are blue; green under wing-coverts; outer edges of primaries are blue; upper side of tail is brownish-red broadly tipped with blue; undersides of tail and flight feathers are olive-yellow; bill is grey-black; iris yellow; legs are dark grey. This species is IUCN Red Listed Vulnerable species.
Shuka Vana protects and conserves such rare and endangered species, one among them is Military Macaw. Their play and activity time at Shuka Vana is spent by spreading their unclipped wings wide enough for flight and play. They are served with fresh sliced fruits, sprouts, vegetable salad, mixed seeds consisting of sun flower seeds, safflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds with shell. They also receive walnuts with shell as treat and sweet lime, sugar cane, and sweet corn, twice in a week. They are given enough exercise through flight with their other feathered friends to keep them healthy and happy. Macaws need a nutritious balance diet and sufficient exercise to maintain their body weight especially in captivity.