Rehabilitation of Yellow-sided Conure

Yellow-sided Conure :- This bird had an accidental loss of one leg and it is being taken care of with much care. As it is a very young bird, as a support  for it to balance and sleep on a perch, Sri  Swamiji ordered that two other yellow-sided Conures to be kept in the same cage. Making Sri Swamiji’s wish complete, the other 2 conures take care of him so nicely that the injured one snuggles in between the other two. The other two wait for him for any length of time, if it gets late for the young bird to enter cage after playing with Sri Swamiji. He says Datta and Rama.




  1. JGD.The Physical Handicapped bird is taken care of by its be then.The Idea of keeping same type of parrots in the cage is brilliant. A perfect Example for Disaster Management H.H.Sri Swamiji brings back the instinct for survival.What we have here is a bird which cannot say Oh!it is painful,the mates in the cage recognising the state were more sympathetic.Animals and Birds the lesser creation of God( that’s what man thinks) are more receptive to the suffering of fellow bird.
    Put the scene in the precence of H.H.Swamiji it perfection beyond our grasp.
    Guru Blessed the Birds,God follows.
    So let us be in touch with the Birds.

  2. No words to explain such miracles. It is for the rest of us to experience the compassion of Appaji and try to be at least an iota of what He is. This will make this world a better place to live in 🙂 JGD!

  3. Jaya Guru Datta. Wonderful to learn about caring birds under the divine blessing of Sri Swamiji. Birds have so many good qualities and what we call “human behaviour” – it´s really amazing. I pray that we (humans) learn all these wonderful qualities and look up to our little family members. Sri Guru Datta!

  4. JGD. What a beautiful bird! And so blessed to have Appaji and two others to take care of him.

  5. Blessed bird! It has reached the perfect home. Jaya Guru Datta.

  6. Very nice. Bond of friendship among the birds.

  7. JGD, God gave them So Beautiful Color, So pretty look, but sad part, one leg only, trouble to walk, them eyes say’s everything, he says Datta and Rama, how sweet, and I am sure this one making more Progress in short time, thank you Swamiji for taking care, and gave them new life, new hope and Love with Blessing, Hari Om Tattsat !!!

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